This beautiful young woman to your left is the space pirate Oritsu.  She appears in my fanfic Power Struggle, where she teams up with Turles during his journeys through space.  I won't spill the beans on any upcoming chapters of Power Struggle so that's all you're going to get for now! *^_^*  (You can click on the pic to get the full size piece.)
    Now about the artist.  This pic, and the others in this little Oritsu series, were drawn by my wonderfully talented friend Megan.  She's always telling me that she is not very talented, but I think this picture speaks for itself.  Anyway, I believe that she has been given a wonderful gift and that her work needs to be posted on the net so everyone can enjoy and envy it.  Here is a link to Megan's official website.  If you want even more, check out her Elfwood Gallery or her DeviantArt Gallery.  You can also reach Megan at  Remember to leave her some feedback!
    Megan's comments on this picture on her DevArt page sum up Oritsu's character pretty well:
"She is prob'ly stepping off the picture plane to kick your ass."
    I really love this pic.  It has inspired me to keep writing Power Struggle, and has also helped me to further develop Oritsu's character.  Thank you so much, Megan!!!! 

Inked with Clothing

First Look: Pencil Sketch

Colored, Black Border

Here is some awesome fanart that I've received from you guys!  Thank you so much for all the emails and support you've sent me!  It really makes my day to know that someone out there enjoys this website and what's on it!  If you own the pics below and would like to have a link to your website or your email address put with your pic, please email me and I will do so gladly!


"P. Diddy Jeans Ad -- Turles" by Mali

Description:  (Click on Thumbnail for Full Pic)
     Let me say this upfront: I absolutely luuuuuuvvvvvv this pic!  The muscle definition is just incredible and Turles looks ooh so sexy in his low slung jeans and open shirt. Very cool style.  All I can say is, "Ma'am, I would like to buy those jeans...yes, the ones on the model, and how about the shirt too while you're at it!" *^_^*

Thank you so much for the awesome pic, Mali! 

"Turles the Mighty" by Chris

Description:  (Click on Thumbnail for Full Pic)
     This is a picture of Super Saiyan 6 Turles, as featured in Chris' upcoming story about Brolly, Turles, and an original character, Terraku.  Super Saiyan level 6 is very similar to level 4, except for the fact that all of the hair is gray.  The fic looks to be pretty interesting with some cool fusions.  Besides, how could it not be anything but cool with Turles involved? ;P

"Baby Turles" by Oritsu

Description:  (Click on Thumbnail for Full Pic)
     I think I drew this about two years ago on the back of a post -it note (you can see the Japanese decorations on the front showing through) and I keep it on my keyboard to help me remember to write.  Pathetic thing that I tried to eyeball-sketch from the back of the Bardock Special DVD.  The real drawing is only about 2x3 inches, but knowing jack about scanners, I scanned it in at a huge resolution.  Oh well.  My apologies if it takes forever to load.

  To all you aspiring artists out there, submissions for Fan Art are currently open!  I don't care if you color out of the lines or you don't think you're very talented, I would love to put up some of your own work.  It doesn't necessarily have to be about my fanfiction (though I would be very excited to see some renderings of my characters!), just make it Dragonball related in some way.  Send your submissions as attachments to me at  On the subject line put FANART to make it easier for me to find it.   

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